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  1. What is the purpose of public institutions and how do you serve the people properly?
    1. Culture? Religion?
    2. How do public institutions accommodate for the many cultures?
    3. Should cultural education be a part of medical training?
    4. Where does the government end and religion begin?
  2. Which is better: Eastern or Western medicine?
    1. Is there a “better?”
    2. Should Eastern medicine be considered for use in the US?
  3. What is the role of parents to the child?
    1. How is family structure formed? What is it based on?
      1. What happens when it is reversed (especially for immigrants)?
      2. See pg. 206 for more info…
    2. What happens when your job is no longer needed? What happens to a specialist when the specialization has been phased out?
      1. Artisans? Apprentices (1800s)?
      2. 1st generation immigrants? How these related?
  4. What does it mean to be American?
    1. How does and how should society treat immigrants?
    2. Assimilation? Language?
    3. How do you communicate between cultures?
    4. What is culture?
    5. How are stereotypes formed?
  5. To what extent should translators be accountable for the understanding of their client?
    1. Should translators be present in all hospitals?
      1. Should the government fund this?

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